C2- Art & My Life

This semester at CSULB changed my point of you on my outlook towards my future, specifically it was changed by one course, Art 110. Art 110 and Glenn really opened my eyes on a new way to view the educational system in a way that makes you want to enjoy it. I was introduced to types of visual arts and was allowed to create and try new thing as well as meet new people throughout the course. Art 110 especially aloud me to feel as if I was taking break from school, and I was, I was aloud to sit down and have thoughtful conversations with new interesting people about themselves and there art. This course also helped me take a look back at my life and change things that didn’t suit me.

-1973 Datsun 240z-

Reflecting back on this course Art110 and Glenn have taught me to enjoy my time in college and that there is no need to rush it. When I first came into college I had the mindset to finish as quickly as possible, after this semester I am now thinking differently about how I want to finish college. The main reason college students including my self get overwhelmed and stressed is because we are taking to many units, meaning we are throwing to much work load onto ourselves making school unpleasant and draining. Personally I love the idea of my college career to be enjoyable and exciting, so from here on out im going to be keeping my mental state in check and my course load in order to have more free time to spend with family and friends.

Some of my favorite experiences this semester occurred at the SOA Student Art Galleries, meeting these artist and being able to talk to them on a deeper level about there work is something that I fell in love with this semester, I loved meeting these new people and being able to ask them questions about there pieces and understanding there thought process to form there art. Even though we are not required to attend the galleries every week anymore for the course, personally for my self interest I am going to continue to attend the galleries. As I think about the artist I have met and the galleries I have seen I can see a connection with my field of engineering, artist present there art as engineers present there inventions, art is all around and is seen in many forms but if it comes from within and you present to the world and your thought-process created it, that is your own creation, that is your art.

B6- Vlogging

-In my video I was going for an introduction type video to explain a little bit about myself and my website. I did accomplish on what I set out to do but the thing I will do different next time is be more prepared for the video and have a video stabilizer and mic. In the future I might try vlogging again.

B5- Graffiti

Street Art

I wasn’t able to make it to Venice Beach to spray on the art walls. So instead I found some wood sitting around my house and made do with what I had. Next I went out and bought some primary colors to get started and get spraying. I decided to do my name in red block letters on a blue background with a yellow boarder. At the ended I tried adding shading to the letter with black. After doing this project I want to do it again, so once I have some free time over spring break i might try it again and start to try and perfect my name.


Exhibition: Call and Response, When We Say… You Say

The California State Univeristy of Long Beach Art Museum was the first recognized art museum in the CSU system of schools. The museum originally started in the center of campus where the CSULB Book Store is currently located, It then got moved into the CSULB Library, and now its final location sits at where it is located now at the Horn center. The Art museum consists of new and old art collected from archives in Los Angeles and curated by Christina Algeria .

There is a decent amount of variety in the universities museum the art has many different types of pieces that range from stitched leather mask to bent neon lighting. There was abstract art, photography art, figurative art, portraits, and more. The art piece had many different styles some were small pieces and others were very large about as big as the wall it was mounted on, many of the piece varied in color and design, some with vibrant and others with dull to no color.

The art pieces are curated by Christina Algeria were presented very beautifully. The art was presented in such away that every piece had a compliment piece in the museum. Each piece of art flowed with each other as you walk through the museum. I really enjoyed spending the class in the museum, it was my first time visiting and I will defiantly go again.

B3- Finger Painting

In preparation for this project I was excited and thought it would be fun, once I began working on it I soon came to find that I couldn’t be as precise in the painting as I would be able to with a brush. This became very frustrating because I couldn’t get the look I wanted with my art piece. In the context of painting with no direction I did enjoy painting without much thought but it just made the process difficult doing it with fingers.