B2- Design Thinking

-3 Possible Futures-

My first plan that I am currently working toward is becoming an airline pilot. My first step I am taking is getting a degree in college and I am working towards a BA in Mechanical Engineering. I am also currently working on getting my pilots licence to fly, this gives me experience and gives me a taste of if this is what I want to do. The next step in this process will be to get all my necessary flight ratings, following this I will apply for a job flying in order to gain hours flying to build experience. Finally I will start applying for airline positions to get into the career.

My second plan that I have in mind is becoming a pilot in the military. I would want to fly 5th generation fighter jets. In order to take this path I will continue to complete my degree in mechanical engineering. After my second year I will apply for AFROTC and commute to Loyola Marymount University while still finishing my degree at CSULB. Following me completing my degree. I will then go on to attend officer training for the military. Once I have completed all my training I will then go into the air force as a officer and pilot.

My third and final plan is my dream, to become an astronaut, in this career I would be completely and utterly content with life. The first step in this plan is to complete my engineering degree. The second step is to continue in getting my pilots license, I will then build up hours in flying time. Then I will get a job or internship at a engineering company, and at the same time continue to apply at NASA for an astronaut position. I will become an astronaut.

B1- Plaster Casting

I really enjoyed this project it gave me a break from stressing about other school assignments and just allowed me to have fun and create something while doing it. I wasn’t able to go to the beach so I bought some play sand at the local hardware store and used that to make my mold and then created my cast. The cast it self came out decent in my opinion because it is very difficult to get a good mold out of sand. I have never done any thing like this before but have always wanted to, I really enjoyed this project and want to do something like this again.

If I were to connect this with an aspect of my life I would it connect it with my major. Currently I am in pre-mechanical Engineering and in the future if I were to design a part I would use a mold to make a cast of a prototype I want to develop.