Exhibition: Call and Response, When We Say… You Say

The California State Univeristy of Long Beach Art Museum was the first recognized art museum in the CSU system of schools. The museum originally started in the center of campus where the CSULB Book Store is currently located, It then got moved into the CSULB Library, and now its final location sits at where it is located now at the Horn center. The Art museum consists of new and old art collected from archives in Los Angeles and curated by Christina Algeria .

There is a decent amount of variety in the universities museum the art has many different types of pieces that range from stitched leather mask to bent neon lighting. There was abstract art, photography art, figurative art, portraits, and more. The art piece had many different styles some were small pieces and others were very large about as big as the wall it was mounted on, many of the piece varied in color and design, some with vibrant and others with dull to no color.

The art pieces are curated by Christina Algeria were presented very beautifully. The art was presented in such away that every piece had a compliment piece in the museum. Each piece of art flowed with each other as you walk through the museum. I really enjoyed spending the class in the museum, it was my first time visiting and I will defiantly go again.

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